Jan Řežáb and His Family “Adopted” a Pipe in the New Organ at St Vitus’ Cathedral Víta

Jan Řežáb and his family helped St Vitus’ Cathedral get a new organ by “adopting” one of the pipes through a contribution of CZK 300,000. Specifically, it is a 16’ S15 Chamade organ pipe, a B. The cathedral lost its organ in 1757; during a heavy bombardment of Prague by Prussian artillery St. Vitus’ Cathedral caught fire and the Renaissance imperial organ was destroyed. Even though the cathedral should have received an organ in the 1930s, the financial demands meant that the plan fell through and the cathedral only purchased a smaller, temporary instrument. The new, majestic organ was produced in El Papiol, a little way from Barcelona, in the workshop of the world-leading creator of these instruments Gerhard Grenzing.