Partner organisations

We are members of professional industry organisations

We are continually testing new technologies, materials and approaches in all of our businesses to ensure that our operations are efficient, sustainable, and have the least impact on the environment. We are therefore members of a number of professional associations and organisations with which we share know-how and move the market further towards sustainability.

Passive House Centre

It is a non-profit professional association that has been spreading awareness about the Passive House standard and the importance of healthy and economical living since its establishment in 2005. One of the most important and extensive professional platforms brings together over a hundred proven companies and specialists who design energy-efficient healthy homes or produce technologies and materials for them. The association regularly organises seminars for the professional and general public. We have been members since 2007.

Czech Green Building Council

CZGBC – Czech Green Building Council brings together various companies that are united by the philosophy of environmentally friendly construction with minimizing negative impacts on the environment. The aim is to create a healthy, prosperous and environmentally friendly urban environment. JRD, as the founder of the sustainable building industry, is part of the council, with Product Management Director Petr Valeš as a member of the Board of Directors.

Association for Real Estate Market Development (ARTN)

ARTN is a non-profit civic association that aims to increase the quality, stability and transparency of the Czech real estate market. It organises round tables with leading Czech experts, regular discussion meetings and publishes regular summary reports on the state of the Czech real estate market. It is an expert guarantor of the Best of Realty competition.

PR Club

PR Club develops and brings together professionals in the field of public relations and public affairs. It regularly organizes educational and networking events to share experiences and knowledge in the field. The PR Club also organizes competitions such as the Golden Semicolon Award and the Spokesperson of the Year Award. Members are professionals from commercial, in-house, agency and government sectors.

Union of Modern Energy

The Modern Energy Alliance is the umbrella platform for the modern energy sector, promoting innovative technologies and new approaches. The Union strives to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources and the decarbonisation of the Czech energy sector. The CEO of JRD Energo Marek Lang is a member of the Board of Directors and Vice-Chairman of the Association.

Association of Developers

The Association was established to have an open dialogue about the positive contribution of development in society and to repair its reputation. It brings together developers who share the same values, responsibility for land use planning and responsible development. The Association provides information and professional advice and presents good examples of practice.

Czech Association of Circular Economy, z.s.

The CAOH focuses on reducing waste in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment and human health. It is a voluntary association of citizens and corporations interested in conserving primary resources.