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JRD GROUP acts as an umbrella organisation for a group of companies involved in sustainable fields. The Development division is a leader in the construction of low-energy and passive apartment buildings and the founder of the concept of healthy living, Invest focuses on the management of revenue-generating properties and healthy rental housing. Thanks to its unique access to lots, Land develops large areas and the Energo division, involved in modern energy from renewable sources, operates the second largest wind park in the Czech Republic and photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic and Hungary with a power output of 40 MWp. The Plazma Division, represented by Millenium Technologies, concentrates on a revolutionary method for processing waste—plasma gasification. The owner and founder is the visionary and philanthropist Jan Řežáb.

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Every division handles projects that are sustainable, Development buildings healthy homes, in accordance with the pillars of healthy living, so that they are environmentally friendly, sustainable and offer a healthy inner environment. Over its lifetime, it has already built 27 healthy buildings. The Energo Division, which is involved in modern power, operates the second largest wind park in the Czech Republic and also operates a number of photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic and Hungary. The Land Division is involved in the acquisition of land, as well as town and architectural planning. Plazma is developing plasma gasification technology that deals with the environmentally-friendly recycling of waste. Everything is supplemented by Invest, which is involved in green investments, acquisitions and the management of revenue-generating properties. They form a strong group whose fields supplement each other.


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