We Are Helping Ukraine: We Will Arrange Accommodation for 31 Ukrainian Citizens

We decided to get involved in assistance for Ukrainian citizens that are looking for safety in the territory of the Czech Republic. We are offering accommodation in our Epocha hotel in Janov nad Nisou in the Jizera Mountains for up to 31 people, primarily mothers with children for whom there are two classrooms in the […]

We Sent More Than One and a Half Million CZK as a Part of Assistance for Ukraine

As a part of longer-term assistance for Ukraine, we contributed CZK 300,000 through Diocesan Caritas in Plzeň and CZK 300,000 through Archdiocesan Caritas in Olomouc to ensure humanitarian assistance directly to the war-torn country. Our owner and founder Jan Řežáb himself contributed another CZK 500,000 through Post Bellum and CZK 500,000 through people in need.

We Are Continuing to Aid Ukraine: We Are Arranging Material and Financial Collections

A total of CZK 119,500 was gathered in a financial collection among JRD employees to help Ukrainian refugees, who are accommodated in our mountain accommodation facilities in Janov nad Nisou and Josefův Důl in the Jizera Mountains. In addition to the financial collection, there was also a material collection, as a part of which employees […]