We Are Helping Ukraine: We Will Arrange Accommodation for 31 Ukrainian Citizens

We decided to get involved in assistance for Ukrainian citizens that are looking for safety in the territory of the Czech Republic. We are offering accommodation in our Epocha hotel in Janov nad Nisou in the Jizera Mountains for up to 31 people, primarily mothers with children for whom there are two classrooms in the building; we are also planning to organise clubs and sports activities. Two families with children are currently on the way. We would like to thank all colleagues that actively participated in the rapid renovation and preparation of the hotel for the needs of the people to be accommodated, provided the necessary material and equipment or financially contributed to the whole event. We would also like to greatly thank both the people of Janov nad Nisou for their offers of help and the management of Atrea. We trust that the families will soon settle in and will find the necessary peace and safety.