Call For Healthy Living Is Alive! Proved by Passive as an Attainable Standard Conference

As a part of our Call for Health Living, the aim of which is to provide motivation towards faster development of sustainable construction, we arranged the Passive as an Attainable Standard conference. The event took place at the Czech Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering in Prague on 30 November 2021 and was attended by our owner Jan Řežáb with his introduction about sustainability, as well as representatives of professional organisations: the Czech Green Building Council (Petr Vogel), Chance for Buildings (Šárka Tomanová) and UCEEB (Robert Wawerka), as well as the Podlipný Sladký architekti studio and Saint-Gobain (Petr Antl). The individual talks were devoted to the history of sustainability and passive architecture, sustainable districts, materials in passive buildings and passive construction as a good investment. We trust that all the listeners gained lots of important information from the conference. And that they will soon have an opportunity to apply them in practice.