We’re betting on the future! We have become a partner of the Partnership Foundation

We are fulfilling our promise to plant a tree for every completed customer questionnaire, of which we received 300 last year! That’s why we joined the Planting the Future initiative, which was founded and coordinated by the Partnership Foundation. Through our Foundation for Sustainable Living, we have provided 150,000 CZK to ensure the planting of 300 fruit trees. This amount will be doubled by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic, which is a co-initiator of the idea of returning trees to the landscape. The Planting the Future initiative plans to plant 10 million trees in the Czech Republic by 2025 by connecting municipalities, associations, state and public institutions, companies and active volunteers. It seeks not only to coordinate public, foundation and private resources to fund this planting (and subsequent care of the trees), but also to break down legislative barriers that prevent its expansion. It has so far managed to plant more than 2 million trees in the Czech landscape.