Our Foundation will distribute over 400 thousand CZK to the first three projects

The Sustainable Living Foundation, which we established last year, has had its first three fundraisers for charitable projects in the landscape! For each project, we launched a fundraiser in collaboration with the VIA Foundation, which raised more than CZK 270,000! After the increase from JRD, the projects will split a total of 415,222 crowns. The project “Support the Coalition for the Countryside,” of the Bumblebee Association, which aims to gradually return up to 10% of agricultural land back to nature and actively builds pools, draws, flowery meadows or more varied forests, received CZK 50,255 in the donation appeal, to which JRD added CZK 50,000. The Natura, quo vadis project takes care of healthy nature in Prague 10, especially birds. It takes care of more than 150 birdhouses, which it regularly cleans, renovates and adds new ones in other places. For example, for squirrels. In the donation appeal, he received CZK 49,500, to which JRD added the same amount, i.e. CZK 49,500. The greatest interest was aroused by the Czech Landscape Society, which is building a wild horse reserve in the former military area of Milovice. However, in order for the wild horses to live there, it is necessary to clean up tons of garbage, black dumps and dangerous military waste. In the donor appeal, the project received 171,717, to which JRD added 50,000 CZK.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the fundraiser and helped the individual projects continue their philanthropy!