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Press messages


We build healthy homes
In 2003 the company JRD Development became the first to focus on the construction of environmentally friendly apartment buildings, and it is currently the leader on this market. Since the very beginning it has based its philosophy on three basic pillars: low-energy and passive standard, a healthy indoor environment, and environmental consideration. The quality of its implemented healthy living projects is evidenced by the interest of clients as well as the many awards in domestic and international competitions that the buildings have won for their ecological and architectural contribution (Building Efficiency Awards-BEFFA, Best of Realty - Nejlepší z realit, E. ON Energy Globe Award, Façade of the Year - Fasáda roku, Czech Energy and Ecological Project of the Year - Český energetický a ekologický projekt roku). JRD projects are comparable with leading foreign ones, and many experts from the Czech Republic and abroad visit them to draw inspiration and gain expert insights. The company’s annual turnover exceeds CZK 1 billion, which makes JRD one of the largest developers of residential property in the Czech Republic long term. JRD is not just a pioneer in the construction of low-energy apartment buildings, but also healthy living, the aspects of which it takes into consideration in all phases of the projects - from the purchase of lands via project work and construction, right up to the actual operation of the building. In the low-energy buildings that it builds it uses the latest materials and technologies (such as healthy plaster or managed ventilation with heat recuperation) ensuring a healthy indoor environment for the inhabitants. For this reason it works with experts and universities, it has founded the research working group Air and Decibel, and initiated the creation of the working group Healthy Home in the Czech Green Building Council

Land Bank

Land bank - guarantee of increase in value of land
The company operates as a land bank for the needs of JRD GROUP and private or institutional clients. The aim is to increase the value of land in various ways: by merging or splitting land, rezoning, or sale of building plots. One important part of its activity is also the acquisition of new building land for potential future development construction. According to the philosophy of the entire JRD GROUP, these new buildings are always eco-friendly and friendly in terms of their surroundings.


We build and operate modern power sources
JRD Energo prepares, implements, and operates modern power engineering projects. It has a team of experienced experts in technical fields as well as in management, project management and structured financing. It always selects and implements projects with regard to sustainable development and the environment. The division has already built a portfolio of photovoltaic power plants with an output of more than 11 MWp and the second largest wind-power park in the Czech Republic with an installed capacity of 26 MW. Tens of megawatts of output in solar, wind and water sources are currently in various phases of preparation. Another focus of the division are modern power engineering solutions for developer projects of the JRD GROUP. The goal of JRD Energo is to supply smart energy with the smallest possible ecological footprint.


We use waste - effectively and ecologically
Millenium Technologies focuses on the supply of solutions using plasma gasification technology and effective, environmentally-friendly and wholly safe waste processing. Due to the extreme temperatures, plasma gasification can effectively transform various types of input raw materials - from biomass, sewage sludge, non-recyclable plastics and industrial waste to hospital or hazardous waste - and generate electrical or thermal energy from them or valuable materials for further use, such as hydrogen. Gasification is not combustion - the equipment is compact, and the process generates no emissions. The firm offers the unique mobile solution Microplasma for liquidation of hazardous waste directly in affected places. Plasma gasification is an effective method for liquidation or use of waste and is also environmentally friendly.


Lucrative properties
The company JRD Invest focuses on the acquisition and management of lucrative properties in cooperation with private and institutional investors. The company portfolio consists in particular of real estate intended for rental housing, which is implemented by the associate JRD Development, and in part also office and retail space.

The company JRD Invest operates in compliance with the philosophy of the entire JRD GROUP, and it thus invests in passive or low-energy property that is friendly in terms of its environment.